Welcome at IFPz

I.F.P. is a big family of happy flight simmers, we come together every 4th Sunday of the month to fly in network with Air Traffic Control.

I.F.P. Welcomes all aviation and flightsim fanatics, pilots and scenery makers, plane designers and traffic controllers, passive and active airmen, stewards and stewardesses, ground and maintenance personnel, .... to cut this short, everybody who feels connected to flying...

I.F.P. has been active in flight simulating for over 15 years and we hope to continue to do so as long as computers and flightsim software will be around. If you want to have a look at what we do or you are a flight fanatic as we are then don't wait any longer, just come and pay us a visit, we will gladly welcome you.
Meeting Room

Our meeting room has permanent network cabling (up to 50 pc's + wireless connection for another 200 Pc's) and servers. For the newcomers and advanced flight simmers there are info sessions every Tuesday before each meeting. We also have a team of expert pilots, on flightsim as in real life flying, to help you with any simulator or flying problem. Also all documentation on info-sessions, lessons, freeware charts and other activities are available to all members. Microsoft or other flightsimulator software needs to be bought originaly by each member, we do not tollerate copies of non freeware packages.


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Informatie Bron : NOAA

Check hier de activiteiten in ons Clubhuis " The Cockpit "

Openingsuren Clubhuis :
Iedere 4e zondag van de maand
Oostendsesteenweg 62
B-8377 Zuienkerke - Belgium
Open vanaf 9h30
  • Ubicum - IT Solutions
  • Wetenschapspark 1 - 8400 Oostende

  • Avermaete Graphics
  • Stationsstraat 57G - 8490 Jabbeke

  • Haar-Atelier Michel-Daniel
  • Torhoutsesteenweg 325 - 8400 Oostende

    I.F.P.vzw Secretariaat

    Imkerstraat 13
    8020 Oostkamp
    Phone: +32 (0)495/24.80.03
    Vzw N° BE0819347320